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Hello everyone! :)
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Apr 29, 2015


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"THE LONE LION" AJ, (The Lone Lion), was originally a WW2 veteran, who had a curse, where if he's not carful, he becomes a lion. Near the end of the war, he was stuck with the curse forever, because he did some sort of plane trick that almost cost his life. But, we Americans won the war, an AJ later decided to stay in the jungle, where he lives on. in 2015, somebody wants to take AJ and make him join a team called Bah Dem Foonster.

"ALEXANDER: TOUR DE FRANCE" Alexander was doing the 2013 Tour De France when a tragedy had accrued DURING THAT EVENT! Most of the bikers in the Tour De France died, but the rest, including Alexander, were just injured. Alexander later finished the Tour De France, and then was requested by somebody to join the team, Bah Dem Foonster.

"ZOOMZAMZIM: REVENGE FROM THE SUPERJAIL" Zoomzamzim was framed, and was sent to the SuperJail... Zoomzamzim's cellmate was the Warden, until he escaped. Zoomzamzim joins in with the Warden, and helps the Warden stop evil from destroying Zoomzamzim's home town. When evil was gone, somebody sent Zoomzamzim to the team, Bah Dem Foonster, and the Warden do other stuff that we don't know about.

"RETURN OF EMILY" Emily was one of the WW2 veterans who was presumed to die... but she didn't. She woke up, got out of the water and decides to find a way to live. When WW2 ended in 1945, Emily sees a gigantic lion, (AJ), go to the jungle. Emily begins to go around the world to find this lion. In 1947, Emily finds the lion, tames it, they become friends, and Emily decides to call the lion, the Lone Lion. They kill spiders the size of a laptop, they find exotic foods, and they find a gigantic crystal that belongs to the hidden temple in Africa. Once they find it, the Crystal sends people a sign of life. When the lion was taken in a helicopter, Emily gets in the helicopter, only for somebody to tell her that the lion is joining a team called Bah Dem Foonster. Not wanting to lose her friend, Emily joins the team as well.

"THE CHANGELING RIDER" Once upon a time in Equestria, one surviving Changeling from a Canterlot Wedding, blends in, by changing his looks, into a little filly. Changeling was a fan of an anime called Kaman Rider, (I think), and plays with his toys inspired by that anime. One day, the queen of the Changelings, has survived, and plans to kill every living creature in Equestria. Changeling later kills the Changeling queen, via anime styled fighting scene, she dies, and Changeling gets teleported to our world, were he is asked if he could join the team Bah Dem Foonster, which he replies, with a yes.

"LB: NINJA BEYOND" In 1994, people were scared of a human being who got covered in toxic waste. He's showing his skeleton, and he is slowly melting. One ninja tries to stop him, but ends up failing. LB, tries to stop evil, but nothing works. he ends up pairing up with a dog, who later in the end dies, to stop this thing. Both him and the dog killed that thing, and the dog died. LB, in 2015, wanted to join a team of ninjas, but only can find one team, Bah Dem Foonster, that needed 1 more person to join the team. Of course, LB joins the team.

"MISSION: Funster Time" In 1928, Funster was a simple young lad. And at the age of 15, he died by getting ran over by a vehicle, and was sent to hell. Satan, gives Funster an hour glass and sends him back to life. If the hourglass ends it's 6 hours, Funster's time will be forever over. Satan tells Funster to find a certain crystal. That crystal was gone until in 1947, where in 1928, the hourglass stops at the last minute, where it was found. The crystal was used to send people the sign of life. When a temple was gone, Funster's time was done, but God and Satan battle it out, with God's soul getting inside Funster's heart, making Funster, the true God. Funster defeats Satan, and gets sent to Heaven, God tells Funster something important, Funster returns back to life, and starts to make a team called, Bah Dem Foonster.

"BAH DEM FOONSTER: THE MOVIE" It's 2015, and we have the members of Bah Dem Foonster, listening to the leader, Funster, because they've got something BIG planned. There is a paranormal being underground, and if people are not carful, they could be victims. It is later revealed that the thing underground, was Alex666, which Satan, from Fusnter's story arc, is Alex666's father in the Bah Dem Foosnter movie. Funster's got depression, which is Satan's hidden curse that he placed on Funster when Satan was defeated. Funster almost dies because of this depression, and all of Bah Dem Foonster's members help Funster, as they try to defeat Alex666, before the world ends.
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Welcome to the official Bah Dem Foonster! I am the host of this group! We do interviews, roleplays, share art (all kind) and more! We even do Q&A and much more!








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